Formerly known as St Michael’s School, the school was renamed St Joseph’s Institution Junior (SJIJ) in 2007. In conjunction with the name change, the Josephian Programme (JP) was also launched to align the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment of SJIJ and its secondary school counterpart, St Joseph’s Institution. However, it must be noted that there will be no automatic entry even though there is affiliation.

The boys will be admitted with the same criteria as boys from four other affiliated schools – a preferential PSLE cut-off that is 15 points lower than that for boys from non-affiliated schools. Student portfolios developed from the JP at SJIJ may also be used as secondary criterion for admission.

Charmine Tan

Mama Bear is a proud mama of 2 cubs - one who's just turned 4 and the other who's 4 years behind. Together with ChubbHubs, we're just lost parents trying to navigate the wonderfully confusing world of raising cubs to the best of our ability.