While Rosyth School consistently produces top PSLE scorers, there are other prestigious criteria that put Rosyth in the running for top primary school in Singapore.

Some primary schools run a Gifted Education Program (GEP) that helps to stream the top 1% of children from these schools at P3 levels into the GEP from P4 through P6. It probably goes without saying that the GEP is a more demanding curriculum in terms of academics and thus parents can opt out of the program and the test that is given at P3 to assess placement. Rosyth School is a unique educational environment with a mission to develop the mind, body, and soul of its students in an effort maximize their potential.

Founded in 1956 the school has been an early pioneer of the GEP, thus having developed a strong placement in the foundation of their gifted program. The values focus on integrity, spirit, respect, responsibility, caring, and above all excellence in every action. With a growing student population currently at just shy of 2400 students, Rosyth is positioned well to be the school for tomorrow, today, which just happens to be their motto.

Charmine Tan

Mama Bear is a proud mama of 2 cubs - one who's just turned 4 and the other who's 4 years behind. Together with ChubbHubs, we're just lost parents trying to navigate the wonderfully confusing world of raising cubs to the best of our ability.