Located on Hillcrest Road, Raffles Girls’ Primary School (RGPS) provides its girls with more than just an academic education.

Established in 1944, the school has progressed through the years to a strong standing in the community offering excellent holistic development of the pupils. Its vision is to be a premier school with a vibrant, caring community. It also nurtures the intellect and fires the imagination to hone their students into becoming thinkers and pioneers.

Using a range of learner-centered pedagogy in its curriculum through various strategies such as drama in English, games for Mathematics, inquiry-based learning in Science and cooperative learning in Mother Tongue (MT) lessons to focus on pupil engagement and learning, RGPS also develops talents with enrichment programs that will enhance pupils’ learning in their areas of passion and aptitudes. Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) is introduced to upper primary pupils which ensures integration of subjects, knowledge and skills across disciplines.

Charmine Tan

Mama Bear is a proud mama of 2 cubs - one who's just turned 4 and the other who's 4 years behind. Together with ChubbHubs, we're just lost parents trying to navigate the wonderfully confusing world of raising cubs to the best of our ability.