Nanyang Primary School has emerged as one of the best educational institutions in the country. With its vision of raising generations of eminent leaders, every student is guaranteed to be honed some of the most reputable teachers in the company of high-minded peers, a privilege that only few can enjoy since it is notoriously difficult to get in.

With an elite five-star rating in measurable components such as value, service, quality, and satisfaction the Nanyang Family of schools is difficult, if not impossible, for other Singapore primary schools to compete with.

Founded in 1917, Nanyang’s culture believes in growing and educating children who can compete globally, behave ethically, and excel socially. Known for its active parental involvement, the school strives to nurture the interests and talents of its students for their greatest chance at success, and boasts a long list of notable alumni such as:

  • Phillip Ng – CEO, Far East Organisation
  • Robert Ng – CEO, Sino Group
  • Lee Hsien Loong – Prime Minister of Singapore
  • Tjioe Ka In – COO, Tung Lok
  • Tjin Lee – Founder/ Managing Director, Mercury Communications

Charmine Tan

Mama Bear is a proud mama of 2 cubs - one who's just turned 4 and the other who's 4 years behind. Together with ChubbHubs, we're just lost parents trying to navigate the wonderfully confusing world of raising cubs to the best of our ability.