Henry Park Primary School (HPPS) offers a distinctive education via their Learning Framework. Its teachers aspire to make every child an Engaged Learner, imbued with 21st Century Competencies where teachers cater to different learning needs through innovative teaching. Talent is not restricted to academic performance. A child may have passion for Sports and/or the Arts. A child may exhibit leadership qualities. Guided by the Talent Development Framework, the teachers strive to develop every child into a Talented All-rounded Individual.

In addition to the nationwide Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Framework in place, the school seeks to provide an education that will develop good character and citizenship awareness through RICE (Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence) values explicitly. Henry Park also has a robust GEP offering where you will find 2 GEP classes in each grade P4 to P6, similar to Rosyth School.

Founded in 1977, the school has achieved accolades year after year in areas such as the Best Practice Award for Teaching and Learning, as well as a a Gymnastics School of Excellence Award. Most recently the school received an MOE School Distinction Award as well as Sustained Achievement Awards in Sports, Aesthetics, and Physical Fitness.

All the above, in addition to producing top students in the PSLE, have made HPPS a much sought-after school. In fact, it is so popular, it is one of the first three schools to require balloting in 2018.

Charmine Tan

Mama Bear is a proud mama of 2 cubs - one who's just turned 4 and the other who's 4 years behind. Together with ChubbHubs, we're just lost parents trying to navigate the wonderfully confusing world of raising cubs to the best of our ability.