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Hello Parents, Here at Merlion Mums, we understand how important it is for your child to start off on the right foot. As babies, we seek to nourish them; as toddlers, we seek to enrich their lives; as preschoolers, we seek to broaden their minds AND plan for their entry into the rigorous world of learning when they turn 7. Planning for primary school enrollment can be tedious, confusing and exhausting. Of course, when your child does get into the school of choice, it becomes exhilarating! As mamas ourselves, we understand and we are with you. Living within 1 kilometer’s proximity to your school of choice is one of the most important factors.


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Central Area

Alexandra Primary School

A relatively new primary school, Alexandra Primary School has garnered its share of strong supporters through its leadership – its principal, Mrs Lim Bee Lay, had formerly helmed Maha Bodhi School, while its vice-principal, Ms Read more…

Central Area

Catholic High Primary

As a Catholic school, one of the most important tenets is raising children to be individuals who are morally responsible, good citizens and to contribute to the moral fabric of our society. Viewing themselves as Read more…

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